July 2019

I am pleased to announce that Gibson/ Martelli have been supported to develop a Virtual Reality prototype as part of the Creative XR scheme run by Digital Catapult alongside our collaborators Peut-Porter. Creative XR is designed to help content creators develop more ambitious prototypes and explore new ways of storytelling enabled by immersive technologies. Our project Dazzle Ball 2020 reimagines the 1919 Chelsea Arts Club ‘Dazzle’ Ball as a next-generation immersive performance. READ MORE

A mixed-reality version of the 1919 Chelsea Arts Club ‘Dazzle’ Ball. Enter, try on a costume, take a selfie, navigate a labyrinth of masks and sculpture to experience the splendour of a parade — dancing a harlequinade, a flamboyant mix of the real and virtual. Immerse yourself in the centre of the dance, animated characters coming to life in a series of immersive gallery installations inspired by WWI ‘dazzle-ship’ patterns — embracing participatory forms of theatre and inclusion situating the 2020 Dazzle Ball in the 21st century.

This project was originally supported by Nomitom – when we won two Perception Neuron motion capture systems