Bruno Martelli and Ruth Gibson will give a talk about the DAZZLE project as part of Virtual rehearsals – new methods in your artistic practice by Kulture Akademin and hosted by Bombina Bombast.

31 Aug 3-4.30 pm Read More

“Gives insight into the possibilities of Virtual Reality as a tool for performing arts. Above all, we look at the possibilities of technology in processes and as a place for rehearsals.  
The purpose of the course is for you to gain access to and be able to use virtual rehearsals with actors remotely. From an environmental and economic perspective, trips can be saved, budgets can be reduced and time opportunities can be increased. With real-world examples, an overview of software and technology, and exercises in idea development for VR, the goal is to increase understanding of the virtual spaces that are becoming an increasingly large part of our everyday life and how they can be used for artistic creation. What can you do yourself and what do you need a programmer for? We look at the whole range from “poor man’s versions” to Disney productions and discuss the pros and cons.”

Aimed at  those who have worked professionally for a few years in the performing arts as stage technician, director, scenographer, choreographer, actor, dancer or writer.

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