21-22 November
Digital Catapult has invited Gibson/Martelli to participate in this year’s BEYOND Conference on November 21-22 at the Royal Institution where we will be on a panel titled Advancing Media Production: Exploring the boundaries of technology-enabled live performance.

Beyond brings researchers and makers across the creative industries together to explore the relationship between innovative research and business innovation. Read More

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Voices of VR – Fusing Dance, Fashion, & Immersion with ‘Dazzle’

We were interviewed with the DAZZLE team for the Voices of VR podcast hosted by Kent Bye.
I speak with the four creators of Dazzle: A Re-Assembly of Bodies experience, which includes choreographer and dancer Ruth Gibson and visual artist Bruno Martelli of Gibson/Martelli, as well as Bine Roth & Alexa Pollmann of Peut-Porter. This dance performance showed at Venice Immersive 2022, and fused together aspects of dance, fashion, and immersive performance.
Check it out over here: Voices of VR

Since May 2014, Kent Bye has traveled around the world interviewing the pioneering artists, storytellers, and technologists driving the field of virtual & augmented reality. To date this effort has produced over 1200 Voices of VR podcasts.

Kent is a philosopher, oral historian, & experiential journalist helping define the patterns of immersive storytelling, experiential design, & the ultimate potential of XR. Follow Kent on Twitter at @kentbye, email him at, and consider supporting the podcast at the Voices of VR Patreon.


September 20, 21
MEET hosted the final showcase of artists from the Creative Europe project REAL-IN – a European program supporting the cultural and creative sectors. REAL-IN aims to deepen the intersections of the cultural, audiovisual and creative sectors for immersive and interactive proposals, exploring innovative technologies and languages to stage new immersive, collective and interactive events. Read More..
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Sites, Sounds and Screens – Site Specific and Participatory Augmented Reality

October 28, 17.00-23.00 at Køge Harbour and KØS and through online screening

Gibson Martelli are presenting at the seminar Site-Specific and Participatory Augmented Reality. This is the first event in this series

What does it mean for public art that we can see, hear and connect with places we were previously completely cut off from? That we in immersive experiences can disappear into parallel or virtual realities or be transported to other locations, bodies or times? Or that we with greater ease can distort and manipulate our experience and understanding of real sites and situations in media such as AR or VR?Read More

REAL-IN Residency Showcase

11 June 2021 10.30-11 GMT
and Peut-Porter (UK) are participating with their project Dazzle in the REAL-IN Residency programme and present the preliminary results of their research on interactive art and immersive technology

“The REAL-IN CONVENTION aims to bring together artists, producers, cultural institutions, policy makers, industry experts and researchers to explore the potentials of 3D-scanning and volumetric capture technologies for interactive and digital arts. With XR technologies becoming increasingly more accessible, how can creatives seize the opportunity to produce courageous and inventive artistic content? How can technological tools and immersive storytelling be used to develop innovative participatory and social audience experiences? And how to create an immediate and lasting ecosystem that inspires new ideas and drives creative advancement?”

The REAL-IN CONVENTION is part of VRHam 4-12 June


Immersive Days #1: VR performance works and investigations into performance technologies

A presentation about our latest research and work investigating VR performance technologies.

Wednesday, June 9 at 10.00 – 11.10, Location: Online via Zoom
Registration: Please sign up here to receive the Zoom link.
Deadline for registration: June 8th

‘A hybrid gathering with both real workshops, installations and digital lectures! Immersive Days #1 is both a network and a new annual gathering of professional artists, curators, researchers, technicians, teachers and students within a broad field of immersive technologies and (artistic) practices. The initiative functions as a continuation of several symposiums, workshops and research into immersive technologies in art. We meet up to share, explore and playtest XR and immersive sound projects, often works in progress. We give feedback to each other and we share experiences and challenges. The aim is to build a strong collaborative platform, where we help and support each other. And then we try to investigate and map some of the latest technological and artistic developments within the fields of extended reality and spatial sound.’

Game Engines Beyond Games

Aug 29th and Sep 5th

We are speaking in this two-part online symposium bringing together artists, curators and scholars to explore the expanded concept of game engines. Speakers include Joseph de Lappe, Phoenix Perry, Colleen Macklin, Nick Fortugno, Mattie Brice, Marie-Clare le Blanc Flanagan.
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Artist Talk at Pepperdine

Monday, February 18, 2019
6-7pm Talk and Q&A
7-8pm VR demonstration

Payson Library
Pepperdine University

British electronic arts duo Gibson / Martelli will visit Pepperdine University’s Malibu campus for a special presentation in the Surfboard Room at Payson Library on Monday, February 18, at 6 PM. The discussion will be followed by a demonstration in the Genesis Lab at 7 PM. More info here

G/M Artist Talk at Light Moves Screendance Festival

Sunday, November 11, 2018
10:00 AM – 10:50 AM
Dance Limerick Performance Space
(St.John’s church) John’s Square Limerick Ireland (map)
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Artist Talk on Collaborative Projects
Tickets: €5 BOOK HERE

The artists will be talking about their practice at the Light Moves Screendance Festival in Limerick, thinking around all the concepts of VR and  combining it with an interest in rematerialisation.

‘Automated Away’, Stanford Seminar on People, Computers and Design

Friday, 19th Oct 2018 11.30-12.30

As part of our residency at Xenoform LABS we are talking at Stanford University at the seminar on People, Computers and Design.

Automated Away

Our engagement with digital technologies we disrupt, augment and interfere uncannily with our co-presence in virtual and real space causing us to constantly reassess our perceptions of space, time & place. Our recent artworks consider how we experience our bodies meeting virtual worlds….

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Exhibition Tour & Talk with Rosalind Davis


3-5pm 13th May 2018
Angus Hughes Gallery, London

Angus-Hughes Gallery invites you to an exhibition tour led by guest artist Rosalind Davis about This is Where We Came In with artists Richard Ducker, and Gibson / Martelli. The tour leads an informal discussion between Rosalind and the exhibiting artists about their work and contemporary curation with tea and cakes.

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6 July 2017
Ravensbourne, London


We are speaking at 2017 VR UK Festival at Ravensbourne 6 July 2017

‘Gibson and Martelli have integrated interactive narratives with humans in motion in a range of landscape settings from the Canadian lakes and the expanses of the Arctic to dystopian scenes in Bethnal Green. Since the late 1990s they have deployed a range of virtual and augmented reality technologies in conjunction with physical installations. This workshop explores their current work.’

Collusion VR/AR Lab

Artist Talk 16th May 2017

We are presenting at  the Collusion VR/AR lab. This lab will take a practical and theoretical approach, framed within a peer-to-peer environment.  There will be taught sessions covering Unity software, HTC Vive, HoloLens, 360 video, use of sound and project workflow. This will be balanced with theoretical talks on virtual, augmented and mixed reality by artists and our industry partners

The programme is run by Cambridge-based Collusion, which works at the intersection of arts, technology and human interaction.

A Conversation on Mediated Reality

Artist talk 
8 April CAC- Lab Shanghai

Mediated Reality, opens a conceptual and technical workspace for artists pushing the boundaries which frame conventional VR/AR and motion capture technologies.  Join Bruno Martelli and Fito Segrera for a conversation on mediated reality at the CAC- Lab in Shanghai.

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Virtual Reality Maker Symposium

8 November 2016

With hardware and software and becoming more affordable and easier to use, VR is once again capturing the imagination of artists. It is both a tool and environment potentially offering a wide range of experiences not just for one body but also for a collective. The potential for empathy, dislocation and shared sensory experience is rich for artistic work but the technology tends to be directed towards the consumer electronics market and ever more ‘intimate’ and targeted advertising.
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Artful Spark

27 September 2016

Here’s a review of the talk about AR we did at Artful Spark at the Barbican. “We discovered a long time ago it’s not always best to be first to a new technology. There are still so many exciting opportunities later, once the wrinkles have been ironed out.”

Artful Spark is a quarterly event about cross discipline collaboration and boundary defying work that brings together commissioners, coders, producers, game designers and artists to explore the possibilities presented by emerging technology. Since the inaugural event at Furtherfield focussed on wearable tech, Artful Spark has travelled through immersive sound, sensors, mixed reality and more, featuring the best in boundary-defying work: Imogen Heap’s magical Mi Mu gloves, musical barcodes, Björk’s binaural retrospective at MoMA, art you can taste, time travelling echo horns, and Linguine, an operating system for cities.

AS#04 - mixed reality