Private View: 5th September, 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition: 6 – 28 September 2019

Claudia Hart, Gibson/Martelli, Michael Takeo Magruder, Ziv Schneider.

Gazelli Art House is pleased to announce Enter Through The Headset 4 (ETTH4), the fourth edition of the annual exhibition showcasing artists working within the medium of virtual reality (VR). The exhibiting artists have also been previous residents of ‘’ – the gallery’s month-long online residency that runs alongside the gallery exhibition programme. is an innovative digital platform with a commitment to digital art, interactivity and education.

In ETTH4, four artists explore the imaginary world within which the viewer navigates and interacts, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Visitors are lead on a journey through whimsical, immersive environments and back again, in an attempt to address the solitary nature of both the experience of the medium and its reflection in real life. Throughout the exhibition, the public is presented with data-driven uses of VR technologies whilst drawing on themes of embodiment, movement and storytelling.

Opening with an arts-research project entitled Imaginary Cities by Michael Takeo Magruder, a real-time virtual ‘city’ exclusively created from an early urban map of New York City is revealed. The former artist-in-residence at the British Library remixes live data from the Library’s digital collection of historic urban maps into fictional cityscapes for the Information Age.

Media artist Claudia Hart’s works expand on the notion of embodiment whilst exploring the element of movement with Alice: A Machine For Thinking – a work that feeds-back the virtual and the live and blends them together in a liminal, uncanny mix, consisting of 2 parallel representations.

In keeping with these themes, the duo Gibson/Martelli exhibit Drawing Levels, a series of works created by a part of the body crucial for dancers – the feet. Using the Quill software, a gesture becomes a solid shape. The foot sketches resemble brain-shaped tumbleweed which in VR become environmental superstructures.

The exhibition closes with a return to the interplay between reality and fiction by honing in on the storytelling prevalent throughout Ziv Scheider’s works titled, Watertight. Schneider creates a series of miniature portraits that offer a cross-section of a contemporary demographic phenomenon: single-resident occupancies.

‘We are excited to welcome back artists Gibson/Martelli and Takeo Magruder and showcase works by Hart and Schneider for the first time,’ says Gazelli Art House CEO & Founding Director, Mila Askarova, ‘we hope with these shows we will continue building on a market for VR works within a curatorial context that is relevant in our world today.’