April 2020

We are pleased to announce our new collaborative project with future fashion studio Peut-Porter: DAZZLE, a multi-person immersive installation.

The project tells a story of non-conformity, rebellion and celebration in the context of a post-European conflict. A multi-person immersive experience, part optical illusion confounds part collaborative experience that stimulates, DAZZLE questions understanding of identity, political pasts & possible futures in the post-truth and post-identity era. DAZZLE is a mixed reality carousel bringing the radical aesthetic of early twentieth-century art forms, Bauhaus and Vorticism, into the here and now.

Gibson/Martelli & Peut-Porter join forces to re-stage a Mixed-Reality version of the 1919 Dazzle Ball. After five years of war, and inspired by the naval dazzle-ship patterns, the original Ball applied zig-zag motifs to costumes and set design, playing with audiences vision and perception. This one-off event focused the era’s artistic and social energies spawning copycats in the America and Australia, securing its place in today’s cultural history. Embracing participatory forms of theatre with Mixed Reality, VR and AR, we situate our DAZZLE Ball in the 21st Century, engaging in changing virtual environments, bringing to life colourful net-art and post-internet aesthetics.