September 09-13, 2020

We are showing a VR version in Mozilla Hubs of our moving image installation WAHAWAEWAO with our collaborators Carol Brown + Russell Scoones as part of the the Aotearoa Garden for Ars Electronica. See it in VR here
‘With the simultaneity and duality of local-physical and globally networked events all over the world, Ars Electronica 2020 becomes an exciting experimental laboratory and prototype for a next-level networking that will focus primarily on new forms and possibilities of fusion and coexistence of analogue and digital, real and virtual, physical and telematic proximity. Starting in Linz and working with partner gardens from Ars Electronica’s extraordinarily large international network, “real” events will take place in many places, with “real” artists and scientists for “real” audiences, all of which will be networked into a festival from September 9 to 13’

Festival website:
Project Page for WAHAWAEWAO