27 September 2016

Here’s a review of the talk about AR we did at Artful Spark at the Barbican. “We discovered a long time ago it’s not always best to be first to a new technology. There are still so many exciting opportunities later, once the wrinkles have been ironed out.”

Artful Spark is a quarterly event about cross discipline collaboration and boundary defying work that brings together commissioners, coders, producers, game designers and artists to explore the possibilities presented by emerging technology. Since the inaugural event at Furtherfield focussed on wearable tech, Artful Spark has travelled through immersive sound, sensors, mixed reality and more, featuring the best in boundary-defying work: Imogen Heap’s magical Mi Mu gloves, musical barcodes, Björk’s binaural retrospective at MoMA, art you can taste, time travelling echo horns, and Linguine, an operating system for cities.

AS#04 - mixed reality