09 MAY 2022
17:00 – 18:00

YKK presents the DAZZLE Collective – creators from around the world who co-designed outfits for the audiences of DAZZLE, an immersive performance and costume ball as part of London Craft Week. Read More…

With makers of over 15 different nationalities, the open-source DAZZLE Collective follows a zero-waste ethos, and aims to overturn our understanding of fashion. The show demonstrates how performance, fashion and technology can create a space for commoning, leaving behind narrative, language, body and gender hierarchies.

DAZZLE Collective is an offshoot of DAZZLE, a collaboration between visual art/choreography duo Gibson/Martelli and future-fashion collective Peut-Porter. Visit the two studios virtually and dive into a behind-the-scenes experience with a glimpse into their ateliers by donning a VR headset. Join us for a special event on Monday 9th May 5pm, when designers Alexa Pollmann and Bine Roth talk about their understanding of craft in both the material and virtual worlds and performers disguised in their DAZZLE outfits.

Find out more and book on the Craft Week website

Supported by Arts Council England, Creative XR, Digital Catapult, UKRI, Epic Games and the Museum of Other Realities.