3-5pm 13th May 2018
Angus Hughes Gallery, London

Angus-Hughes Gallery invites you to an exhibition tour led by guest artist Rosalind Davis about This is Where We Came In with artists Richard Ducker, and Gibson / Martelli. The tour leads an informal discussion between Rosalind and the exhibiting artists about their work and contemporary curation with tea and cakes.

An indeterminate zone, frozen, governed by history’s Law where escape requires of us to float, as if just above the ground. It’s a location devoid of humanity, only dancing avatars: an analogue stage choreographed in the digital. Stress levels exceeded as vectors take opposite directions. The past imposes on the present like a dream folding time in on itself. Uncertainties permeate, the ethereal is made solid, and the fixed turns out to be no more than a set of coordinates. Old utopian possibilities become nostalgia as confidence in the present collapses. Here, as one landscape of authority occupies another, one apparently Cartesian, the other, an endless simulacrum of possibilities, we experience our lightness of being. We are escape artists making it up as we go along. The heroic quest for new horizons has gone virtual, while the past piles up at our feet like Benjamin’s angel. Disembodied, our sense of place can no longer be located as history and gravity give up their influence.


Artist & Curator Rosalind Davis
Exhibiting Artists Richard Ducker + Gibson / Martelli

26 Lower Clapton Rd (at the junction of Urswick Rd)
E5 0PD

General Opening Times
Friday to Sunday 12-6pm, or by appointment
Artists Talk: Sunday 13 May 2018, 3-6pm

Read the full press release of the exhibition & artist biographies HERE