Friday, 19th Oct 2018 11.30-12.30

As part of our residency at Xenoform LABS we are talking at Stanford University at the seminar on People, Computers and Design.

Automated Away

Our engagement with digital technologies we disrupt, augment and interfere uncannily with our co-presence in virtual and real space causing us to constantly reassess our perceptions of space, time & place. Our recent artworks consider how we experience our bodies meeting virtual worlds….

By exploring how we move in and around the new spaces that emergent technologies afford we are engaged in new creative practices and models of performance that are emerging and transforming in this arena.

Virtual reality enables us to experience the body in different ways, on a different somatic plane inhabiting places and spaces as if they were physical, corporeal encounters. Automated Away unveils process in interdisciplinary art collaborations – exploring virtual travel through bodily navigations of real and simulated environments and performing data encryption resulting in rematerialisations of bodily data.

Since Terry Winograd began the seminar in 1990, speakers in the series have included Marissa Meyer, Mitch Kapor, Ted Nelson, Alan Kay, Jim Hollan, Hiroshi Ishii, Brewster Kahle, Bill Buxton, Brenda Laurel, Don Norman, Ben Shneiderman, Lucy Suchman, Andy Hertzfeld, Adele Goldberg, Randy Pausch, Joy Mountford, Pattie Maes, Bruce Tognazzini, Marc Andreessen, Judith Donath, Jakob Nielsen, Larry Page, and Will Wright.


Open to the Public
Friday, 19th Oct 2018 11.30-12.30
Gates B03
353 Serra Mall
Stanford CA 94305


Faculty Organizer: Michael Bernstein
The event is free but please RSVP!