June 2020

We have chapters in two new books hitting the shelves this month: Dance Fields: Staking A Claim for Dance in the Twenty-First Century and Error, Ambiguity, and Creativity: A Multidisciplinary Reader

Error, Ambiguity, and Creativity ‘offers a set of chapters from across the arts, humanities, psychology, and medicine. Each contributor considers the creative potential of error and/or ambiguity, defining these terms in the particular context of that discipline and exploring their values and applications. Themes include error in choreography, poetry, media art, healthcare, psychology, critical typography and mixed reality performance. The digital age had heralded the possibility that error could be eradicated by the logic of computers but several chapters focus on glitch in arts practices that exploit errors in computer programmes, or even create programmes specifically to produce errors. Together, the chapters explore how error can take us somewhere different or somewhere new, to develop a new, more interesting way of working.’

Dance Fields emerged from the 2017  ‘landmark conference marked a ‘moment in time’ for Dance Studies, that acknowledged and celebrated its maturity as an academic discipline. The conference, Dance Fields: Staking a Claim for Dance Studies in the 21st Century, was co-convened by three leading centres for Dance Studies in the UK (Universities of Coventry, De Montfort and Roehampton). This book has emerged from the conference and whilst the chapters could never be fully representative of all that was shared, they capture something of the range and spirit of the presentations.’

Dance Fields is published by Dance Books and available here

Art of the Accident is published by Palgrave Macmillan and available here