21 April –  20 July 2020
You’re in a computer game, Max!

Katriona Beales / Daria Blum / Rovert Cervera / Gibson/Martelli / Leiken /Bill Leslie / Jonas Pequeno / Daniel Shanken
Curated by James Irwin.

The exhibition positions the work of 8 artists in a navigational 3-dimensional digital space, within which muted videos overlap and collide to form new combinations, and a user performed soundtrack of the artists sound works provides the backdrop.

As bricks and mortar galleries are forced to close their doors due to the onset of Covid 19, the Internet is now the only place to see new art. Many of these commercial galleries are left with no option but to move online. This exhibition puts forward an alternative model for looking at images on the Internet, rejecting a neutral aesthetic where the viewer remains passive, in favour of a game-like environment that acknowledges the materiality of the Internet to explore the point at which code becomes image.