Meet n’ Greet Event October 10th

We’re happy to announce that we are the inaugural residents in the Xenoform Labs residency programme in San Francisco. Our 3 week residency here is concerned with extending the physical into the virtual, we will work to develop novel body-based interfaces for virtual reality.

This will include making experimental environments. Our research question, as always is: ‘How to create new experiences or immersive performance ‘spaces’? One of the drivers for the research has been thinking about how we can interface performance with virtual reality. In earlier works, performers were motion-captured and avatars visualised in a kind of ‘inside-out’ performance-in-the-round. Taking this a step further sees live performance being ‘beamed’ into a virtual space. The idea for this residency is about extending Ruths somatic practice into virtual space – so that the user experiences it more as a visceral sensation, rather that as a primarily visual experience. This will be enabled perhaps, by creating interfaces that subtly encourage! Xenoform has the capability to support hardware and electronics, as well as the coding side, so we are hoping that we can quickly develop some working prototypes.

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Wed 10th Otober
6.00-9.00 PM FREE
Refreshments provided 

3338 23rd Street
Apt B
San Francisco
CA 94110

Xenoform Labs is a studio, a workshop space and an art residency program. It is a new experiment run by Scott Kildall and showcases new media work in electronics, virtual reality, digital fabrication and more.