The Bronze Key: Performing Data Encryption at the TO BE ARCHIVED event

11-13 April Malmö Konstmuseum

The archive and acts of archiving
Respecting the past, anticipating future archival needs
Sensitive to what is kept and what escapes
Dilemmas posed by digitization
Performances of public, cultural, and personal memory
Caretaking and caregiving
Openness, access and inclusion

The TO BE ARCHIVED event marks the end of the Living Archives Research Project, but rather than simply celebrating closure with backward looks it aims to be an activation of the project’s many processes, networks, ideas and questions. A full programme for this event includes performances, round table discussion, keynotes and the exhibition of design prototypes and art installations. Presenters include researchers, artists, heritage and cultural sector professionals, students and activists. The scope is interdisciplinary and international, with presenters from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Slovenia, the UK and USA.

The whole event is free but registration is required for the two full days (Thursday and Friday), as places are limited and catering is provided. The Wednesday evening opening performance and keynote lecture is open to all.

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Malmö Konstmuseum
Malmöhusvägen 6,