4 Nov – 4 Dec 2018 Daily 12-8pm

Intangible Cultural Heritage Park,
Guanghua Ave 2nd Section, Qingyang Qu, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China

This new media art installation re-establishes relationships between people, cities, art and life in a modern ritual. Studio Gibson/Martelli take the rich concept of the ancient dramatic art of face-changing to create giant faces with multiple layers and personalities, a homage to Sichuan Bianlian mask opera. Colourful facial patterns of myth, symbol and ceremony light up the cultural corridor of Chengdu in vibrant dazzling hues. The hybrid characters connect audiences, stirring expression through their own performance, folklore and mystery.

Artist: Gibson / Martelli
Assisted by Tom Chambers from RandomQuark
And David Surman and Ian Gouldstone
Special Thanks to Caspar Sawyer, Marco Gillies