Gibson/Martelli are undertaking a research residency to explore movement in avatars with motion capture at Gilles Jobin’s #Studios44MocapLab in Geneva. The artists have never had the chance to work with Gilles & team or work with a Qualisys Mocap system. During the residency, combined with mocap, they will experiment with live-controlling avatars with mocap and then iterate in Virtual Reality, using virtual cameras and working with Company Gilles Jobin lead dancer Susana Panades Diaz.  Read More..

A Virtual Stage with Cie Gilles Jobin - feature photo

Studios 44 Mocap Lab – 42 Qualisys Miqus M3 cameras surround a 10m x 6m rectangular space

The artists use their practice to generate research and develop open-source tools – Gibson is Associate Professor at Institute for Creative Cultures, Coventry University – she examines liveness and immersive with interdisciplinary teams to advance the application of emerging performance technologies through tacit knowledge and Virtual Reality. Martelli develops an open-source streaming mocap software plugin for Unreal ‘MotionRiver’ for high-end systems – the goal is to increase performance sustainability whilst reaching remote audiences.

Testing mocap in the studio

Exploring ways for the viewer to determine their mode of interaction as active co-creators in the experience, Gibson/Martelli aims to extend audience agency and sensory experience enabling the spectator to experience inner mimesis and blurring the role of the visitor, spectator, player and performer. The artists have a range of multidisciplinary experiences across physical and digital formats, including live dance, theatre, artists moving images, animation, exhibition, costuming for performances, fashion, virtual reality and social media. Many projects are sensory experiences that enable the spectator to experience inner mimesis. The viewer’s presence is a critical factor in the artwork’s unfolding – becoming a part and a partner. The practice draws on several creative methodologies incorporated into interdisciplinary collaborative research projects. This art research provides new perspectives, extends existing knowledge, and materialises a different type of knowledge practice. Gibson /Martelli’s practice as research has expanded into lecturing and numerous contributions to publications and journals.

Image from COSMOGONY by Gilles Jobin #tourwithouttraveling