Gibson/Martelli Privacy Policy

Last modified: 8th March 2017

MAN A uses augmented reality and computer vision to re-imagine ‘dazzle’ camouflage as tribal markings for invisible performers, hidden in special prints activated by the App.

MAN A app uses the device camera, whilst the app is enabled, to recognise images through the camera and show on-screen animations on top of the real world – this is known as ‘augmented reality’.

More about the app

About Gibson/Martelli

British electronic arts duo Gibson / Martelli make live simulations using performance capture, computer generated models and an array of technologies including Virtual Reality. Artworks of infinite duration are built within game engines where surround sound heightens the sense of immersion. They playfully address the position of the self in relation to technology, examining ideas of player, performer and visitor -intertwining familiar tropes of video games and art traditions of figure & landscape. For the purposes of European data protection law Gibson/Martelli operate a registered UK charity, igloo artists ltd. (no.1124325)

What this document tells you

This policy is designed to explain to you what information about you Gibson/Martelli collects in providing the Gibson/Martelli app and service, how that information is used and shared and how you can control what happens with that information.

What information we collect

Gibson/Martelli don’t collect any information about users however the app uses a plugin from a company called Vuforia, for the Augmented Reality part which collects a small amount of data about the device that is sent by the Software to PTC Inc. (PTC), its affiliates and/or its service providers detailed below. The collected data by Vuforia is not considered personal or sensitive.

(i) Information about the end users’ devices such as:
a. Make, model and firmware version of the user’s device
b. Operating system name and version number of the user’s device
c. Camera profile version
(ii) Information about the Software used to create the Developer Application such as:
a. Vuforia API version
b. Vuforia license keys for mobile and digital eyewear licenses
c. Cloud Recognition client key for apps that utilize Cloud Recognition
(iii) Information about the Developer Application and its use such as:
a. Application bundle ID
b. Application version, for tracking application upgrades
c. Application’s App Store ID recorded for Google Play Store
d. Initial application session timestamp, for the first time an app is launched after being installed on a device.
e. Camera start and stop times. This is only recorded when the Vuforia app process is running.
f. Vuforia application process start / stop / resume timestamps
g. Recognition event timestamps
h. Log Data file configuration defines frequency and file size of the log file to be transmitted to PTC
i. Tracker state detected / tracking / lost timestamps
j. Target created / destroyed timestamps
k. Virtual button created / destroyed timestamps
l. Virtual button pressed / released timestamps
(iv) The IP address used by the end user’s device for the purpose of inferring the country / region of use (but not the exact location).
(v) Images submitted with Cloud Recognition queries in order to match image for a Recognition event

How Vuforia uses this device information

It is to, monitor and improve the Plugin and the services and the technology which supports it, to provide you with a great experience.

Will Gibson/Martelli share data?

We are not collecting or sharing any identifying info with the app, or with our website.

Changes to Gibson/Martelli’s Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time so please check from time to time. Major changes to the data we collect or how we use and share it will be notified through the MAN A app. The date of the most recent revisions will appear at the beginning of this policy. If you do not agree to these changes, please do not continue to use the app.

Contacting Gibson/Martelli about this Privacy Policy

If you any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy please contact:

Data Protection
Unit 301, 449 Bethnal Green Road
e2 9qh