The Bronze Key – Performing Encryption is the rematerialisation of performance. Reflecting on the  ephemeral nature of both performance and digital data, The Bronze Key project takes movement material, digitised from performers using motion capture technology. A thirty second dance phrase is converted into a human readable file format and then encrypted using a single second gesture of the performers hand movement, recorded using a virtual reality system. The gesture encyphring key, plain- and cypher-text movements are transmuted respectively into  a set of physical artefacts –  3D printed bronzes, audio recordings & paperback books.

2018 The Bronze Key: Performing and Materialising a Cipher System 5th International Conference on Movement and Computing Casa Paganini, Genoa, Italy

2018 Tangible Embodied Interaction Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 TO BE ARCHIVED Malmö Konstmuseum, Sweden

The Bronze Key
Concept & design: Kozel + Gibson/Martelli
Performers, Susan Kozel, Ruth Gibson

Thanks to Christian Skovbjerg Jensen of the Inter Arts Centre in Malmö (Sweden), the Swedish National Research Council for support of the Living Archives Research Project at Malmö University, and the AHRC funded Error Network (UK) for early research.

The Bronze Key is a part of Susan Kozels ‘Performing Encryption’ project which is in turn part of the five year long ‘Living Archives’ Project at Malmo University.
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Download a copy of ‘The Bronze Key: Performing Data Encryption’ TEI paper here

Ruth Gibson gesture making in Virtual Reality

Susan Kozel gesture making in Virtual Reality

The Bronze Key Volume 1

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