9th Oct- 14th Oct 2017

In this short residency artists Gibson / Martelli from London are invited into the Black Box Studio of the Inter Arts Centre in central Malmö (www.iac.lu.se) to join Susan Kozel (http://livingarchives.mah.se) in exploring the potential for performing encryption.

bodily data engages in a duet with bodily improvisation

This residency expands some of the political and artistic questions relating to bodily presence, bodily traces, and privacy in digital culture from the Performing Encryption Improvisational Workshop. (Hosted by the Living Archives Research Project at IAC in 2015 http://livingarchives.mah.se/2015/05/invitation-performing-encryption-improvisational-workshop/.) For that workshop, we experimented with inserting movement into the generation of a digital encryption key (GPG). For this second research instalment, we open the processes by integrating specific somatic performance modes (such as Skinner Releasing and affective improvisation) with Motion Capture and Virtual Reality. The results might take the form of algorithmic manipulation, visual traces, or live performance practices. Or something else entirely.

The premise to be explored is whether by enhancing the ability to perform encryption we might increase our agency within the culture of widespread data surveillance and archiving

This artistic research is a collaboration between Gibson/Martelli (London, UK) and the Living Archives Research Project (Faculty of Art and Communication, Malmö University). It combines active research in Living Archives relating to the Performance of Memory and Open Data by integrating critical philosophical thinking with collaborative artistic research methodologies.

Anyone interested in this research is invited to contact Susan Kozel (susan.kozel@mah.se) or simply to join us for an open discussion at IAC on Saturday 14 October from 15:30-17:00.

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