MocApp II – View & sequence motion capture data on your device and in AR and VR.  The App builds a stick figure from the joint structure of the each take. Download your motion capture files onto your device for easy viewing and logging. Top and tail the clips to remove unwanted motion.

The app was developed through Ruth Gibson’s AHRC Creative Fellowship at Coventry University School of Art & Design with the generous support of motion.lab, Deakin University, Australia. Her project Capturing Stillness: Visualisations of dance through motion capture is a unique exploration of the interface between motion capture technologies and Skinner Releasing Technique SRT. Focussing on the poetic imagery cited in the pedagogy, new dance visualisations are generated to create immersive artworks and enhance kinesthetic experience.

MocApp II was developed to allow easy viewing of mocap data without requiring users to have access to specialist software. This page is the support page for the App and gives instructions on its use below. For further support please email



How To Use

Opening the App takes the user to the TAKES screen.


Here you can see a list of all the motion capture takes (clips) on the device.
Tap to Select up to 8 Takes then tap the Play button to view – this creates a Playlist and displays the mocap takes on the VIEWER screen.


The VIEWER screen displays the takes, drag to rotate the view and pinch to zoom

Tap the ARROW icon to go bak to the TAKES screen.

The current Take name is displayed at the top of the screen.

The plus icon adds another take from the list to the scene.

Tap MENU icon to see viewing options:

  • CAMERA: changes viewpoint, orthographic or perspective views
  • DISPLAY: changes the way the stick figure is displayed.
  • LOOPING: changes the way the PLAYLIST plays:
    – Individual – loops each take, you have to manually advance to the next take.
    – Sequence – plays each take sequentially in the PLAYLIST.
  • MODE:
    – VR – select this mode and place the device into a VR viewer to see a VR view of the takes.
    – AR – turns Augmented Reality mode on to overlay the stick figure on a view of the world. Print out the AR marker from here (add link) and point the phone camera at the marker to see the stick figure displayed. Print out a larger sized marker (A3 or bigger) and you can view the figure life-sized next to a real person.

Tap the Up Arrow at the bottom of the screen to see the Playback controls.