July 2020

DAZZLE project phase 2 funded by Digital Catapult/Creative XR/ACE

DAZZLE by Gibson/Martelli and Peut-Porter is a performance piece combining dance with dazzling optical illusions. Recreating the optimistic, rebellious spirit of the 1919 Chelsea Arts Club ‘Dazzle Ball’ at the Royal Albert Hall and featuring eye-catching costumes inspired by WW1 naval camouflage. The VR experience invites audience members to dance with performers shifting between virtual and live choreography. In the world of the dazzle ball, dancing avatars meet against striking black and white backdrops. To enhance the exhibition, each audience member wears a zero-waste bespoke dazzle costume, complimenting the dancer’s custom-designed mocap suits. The original ‘Dazzle Ball’ reflected the popularity of vorticism, futurism and dadaism — DAZZLE captures our post-internet, post-truth society, testing the boundaries of interactive performance. We are pleased to announce our second round of funding to develop the piece alongside 3 other projects. Dazzle which is in production now will start to be exhibited in 2021.

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