Science and Technology Art Festival, Lingshui

Opening in Lingshui
Dec 4-10 2023

We are exhibiting in this new festival: ‘Relying on Lingshui’s original ecology, humanities and nature, combined with current avant-garde art and advanced technology, one of the four major sections of the first Lingshui ‘Yuanchuang·Lingjing’ Science and Technology Art Festival‘Mirror of Virtual Reality & Natural Growth’ public art exhibition will be held in December The grand opening in Lingshui, Hainan on the 4th December’

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Residency at #Studios44MocapLab with CIE Gilles Jobin

Gibson/Martelli are undertaking a research residency to explore movement in avatars with motion capture at Gilles Jobin’s #Studios44MocapLab in Geneva. The artists have never had the chance to work with Gilles & team or work with a Qualisys Mocap system. During the residency, combined with mocap, they will experiment with live-controlling avatars with mocap and then iterate in Virtual Reality, using virtual cameras and working with Company Gilles Jobin lead dancer Susana Panades Diaz.  Read More..
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Tuxedo Residency in Los Angeles

May-June 2023

Gibson/Martelli are currently artists in residence at the Tuxedo Residency in Los Angeles, California. For the residency, the artists develop a series of virtual reality experiences using machine learning to generate imagery from prompts which are then laboriously converted into 3d characters and subsequently animated using motion-captured dance. Read More…
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TV Lab Residency at Taubman College of Architecture, University of Michigan

Feb 2023

Gibson/Martelli are the inaugural artists-in-residence at the TVLab at Taubman College of Architecture, University of Michigan.

The TVLab artist residency is the pilot for the U-M Arts Initiative Visiting Artist Integration Project, a visiting artist program to integrate the creative vision and dynamic thinking of artists into the U-M process of engagement and learning. The program is just one example of the Arts Initiative’s work with emerging and established artists to create a mutually beneficial exchange between artists and the university to enhance learning, support artists and drive discovery. Read More
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14 APRIL 2022
11:45 AM & 15.45 PM

We invite you to join our open rehearsal, see the performance progress, participate in a prototype DAZZLE experience, and meet the artists to discuss the project at the Virtual Production Test Stage. DAZZLE – A Reassembly of Bodies is a multi-dimensional installation combining dance, music, mixed reality and fashion created by Gibson, Martelli, Pollmann and Roth. Read More…

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REAL-IN Residency Showcase

11 June 2021 10.30-11 GMT
and Peut-Porter (UK) are participating with their project Dazzle in the REAL-IN Residency programme and present the preliminary results of their research on interactive art and immersive technology

“The REAL-IN CONVENTION aims to bring together artists, producers, cultural institutions, policy makers, industry experts and researchers to explore the potentials of 3D-scanning and volumetric capture technologies for interactive and digital arts. With XR technologies becoming increasingly more accessible, how can creatives seize the opportunity to produce courageous and inventive artistic content? How can technological tools and immersive storytelling be used to develop innovative participatory and social audience experiences? And how to create an immediate and lasting ecosystem that inspires new ideas and drives creative advancement?”

The REAL-IN CONVENTION is part of VRHam 4-12 June


Cill Rialaig Artist Residency

We are undertaking an artist retreat at Cill Rialaig in Ireland. We use residencies as a method for expanding our work, taking it outside of a purely studio-based practice. This residency offers an incredible opportunity to soak up and absorb the spectacular surroundings and appreciate the landscape as a natural part of our sensorial experience.

‘Landscapes are culture before they are nature, constructs of the imagination projected onto wood and water and rock’ – Simon Schama Landscape and Memory.

Xenoform Labs Residency

Meet n’ Greet Event October 10th

We’re happy to announce that we are the inaugural residents in the Xenoform Labs residency programme in San Francisco. Our 3 week residency here is concerned with extending the physical into the virtual, we will work to develop novel body-based interfaces for virtual reality.

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Virtual Artists-in-Residence

October 2016

We are pleased to announce that we are artists-in-residence at for October.

During the artistic process a plethora of images are produced -often unused in the finished product and thus never reaching the public domain. These experimental images are part of the technical exploration process, provoking new pathways to visualisations – by-products of research, they can signify significant leaps of invention and potential thinking.
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