12 – 17 July 2019


An exhibition by the Computer Arts Society and FLUX Events in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference (EVA), Interact Digital Arts and Lumen Art Projects. READ MORE

Event Two at the Royal College of Art is an exhibition of historical and contemporary digital art and a programme of events marking the 50th anniversary of the landmark Computer Arts Society Event One exhibition at the college in 1969.

The exhibition includes work from The CAS50 Collection of computer art dating from the 1960s to the present day, together with contemporary media art curated by artist platform FLUX Events, London’s preeminent forum for media artists. There will also be a video programme, a selection of sound artworks and the launch of a new collection of video interviews with digital artists. Event Two will be complemented by a series of talks, including a special event from the internationally renowned Lumen Prize for Art and Technology, Artists in the Machine, (Lumen Art Projects) and an artist talk entitled Invasive Media, hosted by FLUX Events. There will be a discussion evening hosted by the Computer Arts Society, featuring artists in the exhibition and computer art historians. These events will bring together a diverse range of practitioners to explore the dynamic relation of technology and creative practice with computers across the later 20th and early 21st centuries.

Event Two has been organised through a newly emergent network connecting the RCA, CAS, Lumen Art Projects and FLUX Events, research collaborations with the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference (EVA) in London and Leicester-based arts organisation Interact Digital Arts. The exhibition and related events reflect upon the 50 years since Event One surveying the impact and legacies of early computer art, and engaging critical questions on the historical evolution of technology and creative practices with computation.

The CAS50 Collection was established in 2018 to help celebrate 50 years since the founding of the Computer Arts Society and now features more than 40 works by 25 artists. It is currently focussed on 2D work and includes algorithmic images, computer drawings, computer printouts and digital prints spanning over 50 years, with the earliest work in the collection being produced in the 1960s. The collection will also present new multimedia acquisitions – including historic and contemporary sound art and a collection of video interviews with key artists.

The FLUX Events’ selection, ART IN FLUX, features an array of creative practices including computation, digital media and new technologies such as VR, AI, EEG technologies, real-time data visualisation and live body-mapping. FLUX Events will feature some of the most revolutionary new media artists working today, with the themes covered including data and privacy, well-being, ecology, misogyny, complex systems and biology. This discourse brings into focus historical questions on the development of technology and computer art and contextualises some of the themes in The CAS50 Collection and Event One through the prism of contemporary practices.

Event Two will be an unmissable opportunity to see historic and contemporary digital and computer art and to consider the evolution of the medium in the 50 years that have passed since Event One. CAS50 COLLECTION  

As part of its 50-years celebration, the Computer Arts Society agreed to support an exhibition of artwork from artists who have been associated with the Society. It was planned that this exhibition would be first shown in Leicester in Summer 2018 and then tour elsewhere over the following year.

Support for the exhibition from the artists invited has been such that the project is now being expanded to become the CAS50 Collection. This will be a collection of high-quality computer artworks, donated by the artists, that we intend to develop over the coming years and ultimately donate to a suitable museum or gallery.

The collection is currently being curated by Sean Clark of Interact Digital Arts in Leicester, who is donating much of his collection or artworks to the project. As the collection grows, with more artists and collectors becoming involved, we hope to establish a unique and accessible resource for people interested in digital and computer-based art.

The artists in Phase 1 of the collection are Stephen Bell, Peter Beyls, boredomresearch, Daniel Brown, Paul Brown, Sean Clark, Ernest Edmonds, Sue Gollifer, Desmond Henry, William Latham, Andy Lomas and Stephen Scrivener. Many of the artists featured are in the V&A collection and are Lumen Prize nominees and winners.

Phase 2 of the collection is now complete, with work by Damien Borowik, Anna Dumitriu, Genetic Moo, Gibson/Martelli, Alex May, Gordana Novaković, Fabrizio Poltronieri, Esther Rolinson, Roger Saunders, Brian Reffin Smith, Jack Tait and Patrick Tresset.

The greatly expanded 2019 CAS50 Catalogue is now available for pre-order. A number of the original 2018 CAS50 Catalogues are still available to buy and it can be downloaded as a PDF.