Super useful site that allows you to copy, paste and share Unreal Blueprints – a bit like Pastebin.

Markerless mocap

A new markerless mocap system has a demo video here: They say “Captury Studio allows maximum flexibility during capture: Use … More

Level Design Unity

“Gabriel & Karl have been delivering awesome tools to enable fast and easy level design directly in the Unity Editor. … More


‘indoor 3D positioning with centimeter accuracy.’ Positioning thingummy for the Arduino… “The pozyx system is a hardware solution that … More


..No not a type of parrot, Google have got a new platform for people to share low poly models created … More

Make visible the invisible

New media art researcher Scott Kildall writes about his Sonaqua project here  

Oculus Touch Skinned Hand models

How to get some hands into Oculus Touch    


This a crazy low poly VR world universe that you make yourself and multiplayer  in it. “Anyland is an open … More