Monkey Wars Pocap revealed

‘War for the Planet of the Apes is receiving enormous praise for the film’s compelling story – the continuing battle … More

Spandex Controller

Spandex makes you into a controller, as well as looking totally ‘futuristic-ish’ Kickstarter it if you fancy paying for one … More

Wearable PC for VR? HP is emphasizing how this new generation, announced Tuesday, is actually a desktop with backpack special powers.

Scribble VR

Here’s another test of the animated Tiltbrush – mocap  VR method  

Scribble VR

A method I’ve been developing for drawing around the body in Tiltbrush and then animating with mocap, then viewing in … More


Examining relationships between figure & landscape, Gibson/Martelli collaborate to discover new performance spaces – the MAN A project has formed … More

Perception Neuron

We won the Perception Neuron Set Your World in Motion Contest, which means that we have now got 2 mocap suits. … More