VR Navigation Mesh Unreal Quick guide

to get your character teleporting around in VR you need a few things.

  1. Player Start in the level
  2. A GameMode where the Player Pawn is set to MotionControllerPawn – which is from the VirtualRealityBP template
  3. Set the Project Settings to use your GameMode
  4. a NavMeshBoundsVolume where you want to teleport.
  5. Meshes you want to teleport onto need to have a blocking volume (or good collision).
  6. Show/hide the Nav mesh hit ‘P’ or Viewport/Show/Navigation
  7. Under Build hit Build Paths to refresh the Nav mesh if you have made changes

Note: when you have a number of streaming levels you must open each individually and build paths if you make changes to the navmesh

Tip: if you have moving geometry in your level (like i have) then add blocking volumes around where the mesh ends up and for the floor. In this way the nav mesh doesnt change.