Quixel Notes

Quixel Mega Scans are fancy, photorealistic 3d textures, that can give a great (photrealistic) look to environments. They are now free for Unreal users. Im putting a guide together for how to integrate into the pipeline.

The tool set comes in 3 bits: –
the Megascan materials themselves
Quixel Bridge tool which enables browsing the Megascan and exporting them to Unreal. This is a standalone exe with a plugin for Unreal (you need both)
Quixel Mixer this standalone tool lets use Megascans as a base to create unique textures. You blend Megascans say, by adding sand & desert rock textures

For now here are some hotkeys for the Quixel Mixer:

Preview displacement: D
Scale brush: S + middle mouse
Rotate lightsource: Shift + Rclick Drag