Kikki, Bouba

“Below are two shapes. One of them is called Kiki and the other is called Bouba. Almost all respondents when … More

Google DayDream

Got our hands on the new Google Daydream, now the next step is to get a Pixel phone to actually … More


Examining relationships between figure & landscape, Gibson/Martelli collaborate to discover new performance spaces – the MAN A project has formed … More

GearVR Touchpad input

Useful info in this blogpost  about getting input from the Gear VR touchpad

Develop for GEAR VR with Unity

Useful info in this link about setting up Unity   From Unity 5 docs: DEPLOYING TO THE GEAR VR … More

Perception Neuron

We won the Perception Neuron Set Your World in Motion Contest, which means that we have now got 2 mocap suits. … More

Terra Nova

Terra Nova – Dynamic In-game Environment Builder Terra Nova is a dynamic in-game environment system for use in games that … More