who-wore-it-better: Anthony Antonellis Billboard Project  ::  Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins In Sit You

atavus: Synchrodogs – Untitled, 2012

atavus: Jesse Draxler – Imaginal Cells, 2013

brown-and-son: 3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013 by Daniel CohenOr I dont know what it … More

Preparing to cook in UDK

in DefaultGame.ini edit these line with <MyGame> to <YourGameName> [Engine.GameInfo]DefaultGame=MyGame.MyGameDefaultServerGame=MyGame.MyGamePlayerControllerClassName=MyGame.MyPlayerControllerGameDifficulty=+1.0MaxPlayers=1DefaultGameType=“MyGame.MyGame”;   ///////////////////////////// and also this bit snarfed from UDK forum, … More

PhysX Apex Cloth export settings from 3dsMax to UDK

dickiemaycry: My solution to presenting udk work. Using this material in a post process you can create an alpha mask … More

devin-table: Look what I’ve made in the Unreal Engine.