VR =/= AR

VR =/= AR Right now we can certainly confirm VR’s laundry-list of linked problems: Underpowered, expensive and awkward hardware that … More

Niiiiice Plugins for Unreal 4

A game programmer, Elhoussine Mehnik, has a bunch right here, including some for VR.     http://ue4resources.com/vr-samples

Spandex Controller

Spandex makes you into a controller, as well as looking totally ‘futuristic-ish’ Kickstarter it if you fancy paying for one … More

Gravity Sketch for VR

A new sketching tool for product designers has launched, which aims to “bring ideas to life quicker” through the use … More

Volumetric Filming

Capture every detail of the action through volumetric filming. Bring a whole new dimension to your movies and visual experiences … More

VR ‘Second Life’

https://www.engadget.com/2017/07/31/sansar-vr-creator-beta-second-life/ Sansar, the VR platform by Second Life creator Linden Lab, is now available for everyone to explore. The public … More

Atom View for VR

Atom View is a new piece of software that allows content creators to translate real-world scans into assets for virtual … More