Oculus Touch Skinned Hand models

How to get some hands into Oculus Touch https://forums.oculus.com/developer/discussion/45080/oculus-touch-quick-start-guide-plus-free-skinned-hand-models    

Goodby Uncanny Valley

With a cool map, Alan Warburton tells it like it is, about the craaaazy world of CGI. “It’s 2017 and … More

Gesture Recogniser for VRRR

Yup it’s what the title says, a gesture recogniser Unity Plugin. Such fun! Much waving! http://edwonstudio.com/vr-gesture  

GearVR Touchpad input

Useful info in this blogpost  about getting input from the Gear VR touchpad http://talesfromtherift.com/gearvr-input-touchpad/

Develop for GEAR VR with Unity

Useful info in this link about setting up Unity https://developer3.oculus.com/documentation/game-engines/latest/concepts/unity-build-android/   From Unity 5 docs: DEPLOYING TO THE GEAR VR … More