Alexa Pollmann, Sabine Roth and Kat Thiel as Peut-Porter show an excerpt of experiments trying to materialise and relocate experiences made in VR … More

Markerless mocap

A new markerless mocap system has a demo video here: They say “Captury Studio allows maximum flexibility during capture: Use … More

Performing Encryption

We are working with our colleague Susan Kozel on a project called Performing Encryption in Malmo. We’ve been looking at … More

Gesture Recogniser for VRRR

Yup it’s what the title says, a gesture recogniser Unity Plugin. Such fun! Much waving! http://edwonstudio.com/vr-gesture  

Monkey Wars Pocap revealed

‘War for the Planet of the Apes is receiving enormous praise for the film’s compelling story – the continuing battle … More

Spandex Controller

Spandex makes you into a controller, as well as looking totally ‘futuristic-ish’ Kickstarter it if you fancy paying for one … More

Wearable PC for VR?

http://www.pcworld.com/article/3199884/computers/hps-omen-x-compact-desktop-can-morph-into-a-backpack-vr-pc.html HP is emphasizing how this new generation, announced Tuesday, is actually a desktop with backpack special powers.