Set Up Optitrack for VR Tracking with Unreal

Is a good idea to set up static IP address for the server and client computers.
The computer running Motive (doing the mocap) is the server, the backpack VR PC is the client.

Calibrate the space and setup the HMD rigid body. Im using Oculus and Optitrack Active Clip
Open the Streaming Pane and use the following settings, I’m assuming streaming to Unreal.

The local interface is the server IP address.

In Unreal (im using 4,19) get the Optitrak Plugins, add them to Unreal, and enable them, disable any other Vr plugins esp, the Oculus ones.

Make a Game mode with Default Pawn Class set to OptitrackHMDpawn, and set the Project settings to use that Gamemode.

Add an OptitrackClientOrigin to the map. Rotate and place it where you want the Origin to be (mocap streamed in has its origin here). Set it’s settings as below  – client is the BackpackPC IP, server is the Server IP running Optitrack. Unicast is good to use of you are using a wireless network.

Optitrack docs here