Monitor Glitch Fix

I noticed that my monitor attached to the display port with a DVI – HDMI adaptor was green and glitchy. I tried swapping Display Port adaptors but it wasn’t that.

So How to fix?

Firstly the DVI-HDMI adaptor didn’t have a full set of pins it was one of the ones with only a section, so i swapped that out. That fixed the green glitch horror.

Then noticed that there were random green pixels all over the place on the screen. If the monitor was plugged into the DVI out it went away. This was after I had updated the Nvidia Drivers and updated windows etc.

How i fixed it was by going into the NVIDIA Control Panel and under Display /Change Resolution hit the Customise button. In the Customise window that came up I ticked Enable resolutions not exposed by the display and then  Create Custom Resolution.
Making a new resolution gives a warning you have to accept then gives you the option to go crazy with settings. DONT go crazy with settings!
I made a custom resolution based on the old one by only changing Refresh Rate from 60Hz to 50Hz.
Test and save then you can apply it – it shows up in the Change Resolution list.

That fixed it. Green Pixels gone.