Monkey Wars Pocap revealed

‘War for the Planet of the Apes is receiving enormous praise for the film’s compelling story – the continuing battle … More


Great widget for turning images into LUTs using Lightroom to get a great look on a still then turn it … More

Tree Creator for Ue4

Plugin to allow quick flora generation by S. Krezel Features include: • Many generation parameters • Impulse force reaction with tweakable … More

VR =/= AR

VR =/= AR Right now we can certainly confirm VR’s laundry-list of linked problems: Underpowered, expensive and awkward hardware that … More

Niiiiice Plugins for Unreal 4

A game programmer, Elhoussine Mehnik, has a bunch right here, including some for VR.

Spandex Controller

Spandex makes you into a controller, as well as looking totally ‘futuristic-ish’ Kickstarter it if you fancy paying for one … More

Gravity Sketch for VR

A new sketching tool for product designers has launched, which aims to “bring ideas to life quicker” through the use … More